Graham’s Six Grapes
Six Grapes Reserve
Six Grapes 'River Quintas’
Six Grapes 'Vila Velha'

Six Grapes is one of the iconic brands of the Port trade. In the early nineteenth century, when W&J Graham first began shipping Port, the firm adopted a coding system to classify the wines made at each harvest by their quality. Six Grapes, being the highest possible classification was reserved for wines that are deemed to be potential candidates for bottling as Vintage Port.

We have maintained this tradition, with the best wines made at each harvest clearly identified by the Six Grapes symbol. From these wines we will select a handful of “lots” to make up Graham’s famous Vintage Port. The best of the remaining lots are blended and bottled ready for drinking as Six Grapes Port. Six Grapes, by virtue of this rigorous selection process, is much more akin to a “declassified” Vintage Port than a typical reserve Port.


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