Graham’s Aged Tawnies
10 Year Old
20 Year Old
30 Year Old
40 Year Old

Time-honoured skills, craftsmanship and dedication are handed down from generation to generation at Graham’s in the form of three unique arts – the art of blending, the art of cooperage and the art of ageing – to produce an extraordinary selection of Tawny Ports.These wines have the quality, structure and intensity that would be desirable in a young Vintage Port but are also specifically selected for their potential to age well in cask, having the right tannin structure and acidity balance.

Graham’s is one of the few remaining Port companies with its own team of coopers, led by Master Cooper Senhor Emílio Oliveira, who has over 50 years of experience working in the Symingtons’ cooperage. Each cask is individually inspected by the coopers before it can be used to mature Graham’s Ports.

For over a century, Tawny Ports have been ageing in the Graham’s Lodge and for generations the Symington family have been selecting wines that show exceptional quality whilst still young, to be set aside to age. Only by creating a wide selection of different ‘lotes’ (parcels) of wines in the cellar is it possible to maintain the high quality of the Graham’s 10, 20, 30 and 40 Years Old Tawny Ports.