Packaging & Waste
Symington Family Estate Initiatives


Recycled Glass & Lighter Bottles

50% of the glass used in our bottles is recycled. We are working on reducing the weight of many of our core models.


Plastic Reduction / Elimination

Internal programme to reduce or remove plastic throughout supply chain. Plastic bartops changed to more easily recycled material.


FSC Carton & Wood

Changing cardboard sources to be certified by Forest Stewardship Council. Wood mainly sourced from local small farmers. 100% recycled material used where possible.

Environmentally friendly Vineyard stakes (to support the vine trellises) are normally made from farmed wood treated with chemicals so as to reduce or slow down rot. The family is experimenting with new posts made from recycled plastics. Should this experiment work there will be less chemicals in the vineyard environment.

Natural Corks

Natural Corks

Use of cork for all closures as a natural, local recyclable material. Corks also capture significant amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere.


Decarbonising the Supply Chain

Working with suppliers to achieve CO2 reductions as over 90% of ‘per bottle’ carbon emissions are in our supply chain.

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