Food Pairing
Food Pairings Soft Cheese Soft or Creamy Cheeses

Soft or Creamy cheeses go with many styles of Port and Madeiras but pair particularly well with Fine Ruby Ports and Rich, Full Madeiras

 Food Pairings Strong Cheese


Strong Cheeses

Late Bottled and Vintage Ports and Medium Dry/Rich Madeiras are a good balance for stronger cheeses such as Bleu or Cheddar:

Food Pairings Fruits and Nuts


Dried Fruits & Nuts

Tawnies with some age on them as well as younger Madeiras are excellent pairings with dried fruits and nuts

Food Pairings Chocolate



Reserve Rubies and Richer Madeiras are perfect partners with any kind of chocolate.


Food Pairings Desserts


Fruit or Dairy based Desserts

Desserts such as apple pie or Crème Brulee are perfectly pairied with Aged Tawnies and Rich Madeiras


Food Pairings Fish



Many styles of fish or seafood pair well with a White Port or a Dryer Madeira

Food Pairings Game Hen



Various types of poultry such was game hen or duck pair nicely with Medium Rich Madeiras or Wood Aged Ports

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