Graham’s 1940 Single Harvest Tawny

Ports from 1940 are extremely rare. During the Second World War, Port’s principal markets all but disappeared. Many producers stopped trading altogether while others drastically reduced their winemaking. Although 1940 delivered a smaller crop than usual, it was a year of extremely high-quality grapes. This magnificent wine was bottled after maturing in seasoned oak casks for almost eighty years. The Graham’s 1940 is remarkably refined and balanced, a reflection not only of the quality of the original wine but also of the skill of successive generations of the Symington family winemakers, owners of Graham’s Port. Charles Symington, Graham’s Port’s master blender, has selected two of the few remaining casks of 1940 tawny port for this once in a lifetime release.


Wine Spectator

Time has intensified the core of date, toasted sesame, green tea, singed alder and Brazil nut notes in this authoritative colheita and the dry, focused, well-structured finish gives all the elements time to shine. Drink now. From Portugal.—J.M.

Wine & Spirits

...its powerful depths immediately apparent, even if its freshness seems long gone. But consider it a bit longer and the wine adds stone fruit, dried apple and raw nut scents to its gracious texture and broad-shouldered concentration. Smoky, rich and fascinating, the flavors will expand out of a drop to completely fill your head.

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