Symington Family Estates Announce 2018 Single Quinta Vintage Ports
April 14, 2020

The 2018 Single Quinta Vintage Ports are the result of a rollercoaster growing season with a prolonged winter drought, a deluge in spring, and heatwaves through the final ripening period. Despite the challenges, the 2018 wines are characterised by a well-defined acidity and marked freshness, reflecting the characteristics of specific parcels of vineyard within each estate. The star of the year was the late-maturing Touriga Franca, which excelled in the warm harvest. Yields were extremely low with just 950g per vine - 11% below the 10-year average from the Symington vineyards - resulting in wines with stunning concentration.

Bottling now for immediate release en primeur:

·  Quinta do Vesuvio 2018 Vintage Port - 965 cases (3% of the estate's production)

·  Dow's -  Quinta da Senhora da Ribeira 2018 Vintage Port ? 510 cases (8% of the estate?s production)

Bottling now for ageing and future release:

·  Graham's - Quinta dos Malvedos 2018 Vintage Port

·  Dow's - Quinta do Bomfim 2018 Vintage Port

·  Warre's - Quinta da Cavadinha 2018 Vintage Port

·  Cockburn's - Quinta dos Canais 2018 Vintage Port

For further information about the 2018 release: