Cockburn’s Lodge
Vila Nova de Gaia

Situated in Vila Nova de Gaia, just across the Douro river from Porto, Cockburn’s Lodge is home to the largest wooden Port cellar.  It is the only place in the Douro where you can still find a full team of coopers working on to maintain the casks and vats in optimal condition. Thus, ensuring the best quality of the marvelous Cockburn’s Port wine.

The guided tours give visitors the chance to explore the museum, visit the huge warehouses where you will find the infamous calçada portuguesa aka the Cockburn’s tile floor logo, as well as a peek into the private collection of Cockburn’s. An unmissable stop to the cooperage to meet the team and have a chat with the craftsmen.

Finally, Port lovers will have the chance to try the House’s wines, chosen from a wide selection, either in the Main room or in a more refined Vintage division.

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Tel: (+351) 913 007 950

Rua Serpa Pinto, 346
4400-307 Vila Nova de Gaia 
GPS N 41º 1' 33.798", W 8º 61' 8.253"