Smith Woodhouse 10 Year Tawny

The grapes are harvested in fall and are fermented for a short period of time before the addition of 100% grape spirit alcohol. This step stops the fermentation, preserves the wine’s natural grape sugars, and gives it it’s unique richness. The wine is then moved into oak casks for aging, where it spends at least 10 years. “10 Years” indicates an average age: it is a blend of older lots, which offer complexity and depth, and younger wine, which lend fresh fruit flavors and vibrancy.


Wine Spectator

Enticing cherry, damson plum and raspberry coulis notes put this a step ahead of the pack. Rooibos tea, bergamot and dried rose petal notes add length and nuance to the finish. Distinctive and lovely.

Wine Enthusiast

A mature wine, this is both fruity and nicely wood-aged. It has ripe dried fruits, apricot as well as raisins, giving freshness and old gold acidity. The fine balance works well.

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