Taking its name from the small principalities and kingdoms created in the Iberian Peninsula during the Moorish period, Taifa is crafted with exceptional precision and quality, honouring the unique terroir from where it originates.

This special wine is made using the finest white grapes from a few plots of mature vineyard with low-yielding vines at Quinta da Fonte Souto in the Alentejo. The grapes are harvested early to preserve optimal acidity and are hand-picked at differing stages of ripeness to enhance the wine’s complexity and balance. Meticulous attention to detail continues in the winery, with pre-fermentation maceration maximising the aromas, and vinification in 500-litre French oak barrels providing structure. Careful bâtonnage through the winter and spring helps to give the wine a fantastic creaminess. It is this level of precision that underpins Taifa’s freshness, elegance, and longevity.