Quinta da Fonte Souto

The Quinta is situated within the Serra de São Mamede Natural Park and ranges between 1607 and 1804 feet in altitude. It benefits from cooler conditions than the rest of the Alentejo plain, with higher levels of rainfall. The soils are granite and schist, providing low yields of excellent quality grapes from mature vines. The estate has a traditional manor house with a history of strong connections with the local community, and has an extensive forested area, which includes chestnuts and cork oaks as well as cherry orchards and olive groves. In Portuguese ‘Fonte’ means source of water or fountain, and ‘Souto’ is a chestnut grove. The combination of the two words in the estate’s name symbolises the abundance of water from the estate’s natural springs and its beautiful chestnut groves. The property consists of 511 acres, of which 106 acres are planted with vines. We are regenerating 247 acres of forestry at the estate with indigenous Portuguese tree species, which provide a natural haven for biodiversity and resistance against forest fires.

106 acres – vineyard
148 acres – forestry (Protected conservation area)
98 acres - cork oaks
23 acres - cherry orchard
13 acres - chestnuts
10 acres - olive trees